Casey’s Fun Celebrity Encounters

Roma Downey and Casey, Casey's Fun Celebrity Encounters

Roma Downey from the TV Show “Touched by an Angel” and Producer of  “The Bible” and many other shows.

Her book is “Box of Butterflies” and I made her a Butterfly Box

Charlton Heston and Casey

Charlton Heston aka “Moses” at the Golden Apple Awards.  When I asked him if he’d ever heard of Alliance Ohio, he said “Why yes, I went to 5th grade there.

Casey McCaughn at the SAG Awards
Casey McCaughn at the SAG Awards

As a Member of SAG/AFTRA I attended the 2019 SAG Awards

Casey McCaughn and Didiayer Snyder
Casey McCaughn and Didiayer Snyder

This is Didiayer Snyder from the TV show “Extreme Home Makeover.  She interviewed me for her show and also tried out the chainsaw.

Casey McCaughn and Mark Macron
Casey McCaughn and Gabrielle Carteras
Justin Hartley
Ryan Gosling
Casey McCaughn and Sharon Lawrence

Sharon Lawrence at the SAG Awards

Casey McCaughn and Wolfgang Puck
Casey McCaughn taking a glass-blowing lesson in Murano, Italy

Dinner ay Spago and a close encounter with Wolfgang Puck

Glass-Blowing lesson in Murano, Italy.

Casey McCaughn working on the life size chainsaw woodcarving of Oprah Winfrey and an angel
Casey McCaughn as an angel

This is the muse.  The Effect is called “Chroma-key” and I learned how to do it by watching a video on YouTube.

“The Cherub”

Casey McCaughn as a cab driver
Screen shot from a video about the Muse

Yep. Circa 1982, I was a cab driver in St. Petersburg FL.

The muse is saying: “Go ahead, just pretend like I’m not here”

Except I’m pretending she IS there, so I can’t pretend she’s not.

Casey McCaughn swimming with the dolphins
Casey McCaughn swimming with the dolphins

There are dolphins in the water and I’m riding the waves like Aphrodite.

Dancing with Dolphins

George Clooney and Casey McCaughn
George Clooney and Casey McCaughn

Close encounter with George Clooney at an Actor’s Guild event at the Writer’s Guild.

Light drawing

This is an effect where you open the shutter of the camera in the dark, and then you can write with a flash light and draw a picture.

Now that my Mom has passed away, I’m really glad we took this picture.  It’s like a visit from heaven.

Casey McCaughn in a tree
Casey McCaughn with a knight in shining armor

Every so often I’ve just gotta climb a tree.

Casey McCaughn taking a Gladiator lesson in rome.

Gladiator Lessons in Rome.  

When in Rome…

Surely You Joust :)

Casey McCaughn dressed as a cowboy

Old Time Photo from Julian CA

Sasha Alexander and Casey
Eduardo Ponti - Son of Sofia Loren with Casey - We share a common ansestor

Sasha Alexander from Rizzoli & Isles

Edoardo Ponti - Son of Sofia Loren - 

We have a Common Ancestor - Antonina Scicolone

Casey at the Emmys

This is Me At the Emmys. 

It was like being Cinderella.

I was filming near the Hollywood sign and a Hawk flew by.  Hi Mom.

Hawk flying by the Hollywood Sign
Jerry O'Connell and Casey

I Met Jerry O’Connell the same day as I went on a Ghost Adventure.

Casey McCaughn the day she went ballooning
Casey at the Improv, Stand up comedy

This is me at the Improv

Casey McCaughn Headshot
Casey at the Comedy Store, Stand up comedy, comedian, comedienne

This is me at the Comedy Store

Casey McCaughn in a limo

We landed in the middle of a neighborhood.  

It was like being ET.

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